Strategy-as-a-Service (STaaS)

Grow your business with Strategy-as-a-Service (STaaS).

STaaS is a structured approach for startups, entrepreneurs, and small & medium businesses, offering personalised plans, strategic advisory sessions, and actionable growth strategies based on the OKR framework.

Strategy problems
Strategy problems

Are you facing any of these problems?

Who is it for?

  • Early-stage startups and entrepreneurs seeking structured guidance to refine their business concept, develop a growth strategy, and navigate the initial phases of launching their business.

  • Growth-stage companies and SMEs at a pivotal stage that need to scale operations, expand into new markets, or improve their sales and marketing strategies to increase customer acquisition and retention.

  • Startup leaders and founders looking for personal development in leadership skills, decision-making frameworks, and investor readiness to effectively guide their teams and secure funding.

How does it work?

  • Free 30-min strategy assessment call

  • Initial 1-hour strategy workshop

  • Personalised OKR-based plan for tracking progress

  • Fortnightly 30-min consultation calls to discuss achievements and challenges

  • Quarterly 1-hour in-depth sessions to review progress, reassess goals and strategies, and adjust tactics

  • Asynchronous support via email, messages, or phone for ongoing advice and problem-solving

What is included?

  • Initial Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of the company's status, goals, and needs.

  • Advisory Sessions: Regular action-based meetings to discuss progress and challenges.

  • Strategy Workshops: Interactive workshops to refine business strategies and objectives.

  • Growth Strategy Development: Custom growth plans that align with your goals and resources.

  • Sales and Marketing Support: Guidance on developing and implementing effective strategies.

  • Market Expansion Advice: Strategies for entering new markets or launching new products.

  • Leadership Coaching: Guidance in developing leadership abilities, including effective communication, task delegation, motivational techniques, and resolving conflicts.

  • Training and Resources: Training on decision-making frameworks, risk analysis, and prioritisation including playbooks, templates, guides, and case studies to help make better decisions.

  • Investor Readiness: Guidance and feedback on pitch preparation including templates.

  • Network Access: Facilitated introductions to potential investors and partners.

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