Our partners

Eqvista is a leading Equity Management software that helps founders, shareholders, and investors effortlessly track, manage, and make informed decisions about their equity. Eqvista offers cap table management, financial modeling tools, audit-ready 409A valuation with many other valuation services and IRS filing services. With over 17,000 clients globally and $50B AuA, Eqvista is one of the top cap table companies in the market.

OKRmentors is a services platform helping teams deliver to their full potential with OKR. OKRmentors brings together world-class OKR experts to offer high-quality OKR certifications, strategic execution coaching, training and change management services in 8 languages, 10 countries, and remotely. They have guided and helped many organisations to start or improve their OKR implementation such as Booking, Wetransfer, Adobe, Zalando, Axa, Renault, Worldline, Accor as well as many startups across the globe.